Post-Mastectomy Products

Especially for Women is pleased to bring you the following lines of post-mastectomy products. Should there be another product that we could serve you with, please contact us and let us know. Click on any of the logos below to visit our vendors’ websites to learn more about each of our products.


Wherever life takes you after breast surgery, an Amoena® breast form gives you the natural silhouette, softness, and security you need to feel like yourself again. Come in today for a personal fitting and live life to the fullest with Amoena breast forms. We carry silicone breast forms, post-operative products, lumpectomy shells, symmetry shapers, and various accessories.


We carry Jodee’s best mastectomy bras, breast forms/prostheses, swimwear, silicone forms, PermaForm bras, and accessories.


With our diverse product lines we are able to meet the various needs of women of all types and ages. The ideal choice after breast surgery or during pregnancy and breastfeeding, we also cater for younger women with a fuller figure and bust. What’s more, Anita UniqueBodyWear combines fashion consciousness fit, function and comfort into an irresistibly harmonious product – in its post-operative, lingerie and swimwear ranges alike. To complete the whole, it also offers a range of matching accessories.


American Breast Care is dedicated to helping women lead fuller lives after breast surgery. By listening to customers’ needs, they develop the most innovative, high quality products and services.


Classique brings a new fashion attitude to post-mastectomy bras, external silicone forms and swimwear. Founded in 1976, Classique is known as an innovator, and the designer of many stylish concepts. Their reputation, coupled with affordable prices, customer commitment and attention to
detail, have made Classique an industry leader.


Trulife has dedicated more than 50 years to creating innovative products to make life following breast surgery, a little easier. Their mission has always been to create the most natural and life-like breast forms.

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